Intelligent corrosion protection

Bespoke solutions for all structures requiring corrosion protection.

Gas analysis, chemical engineering, analysis of operating materials

Our Gas Quality Competence Centre answers chemical analysis and process engineering questions in all matters connected with the transportation and use of natural gas.

Integrity and materials technology

Being able to ensure the safe operation and maximum availability of high-pressure gas pipeline and compressor systems requires extensive knowledge about the condition of these system at all times.

Efficient standards management

Designing, constructing and operating a gas transmission system and guaranteeing the safe, available and efficient transmission of gas require the application of current standards and technical regulations.

CHARM® – aerial leak tightness control

With CHARM®, Open Grid Europe is providing a novel method for checking natural gas pipeline networks for tightness.

Gas measurement

Gas transmission system operators transport large volumes of gas via their networks, with several million cubic metres often passing through the gas import stations every hour.

Technical plant safety

The installation of new systems, the modification of existing ones and changes to statutory rules and regulations often throw up new safety-related issues.

Technical operation of pipelines and plant

Open Grid Europe offers bespoke maintenance of gas transmission systems on the basis of service contracts.

Maintenance management

Safety through experience

Securing gas transportation – competence in pipeline maintenance

Our services cover the full range of project management services and increase the availability of your pipeline system.

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