General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services

by Open Grid Europe GmbH

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Real-time detection of damage to pipelines caused by excavators

Mobile Compressors

Maintenance and repair work on the natural gas network is generally carried out with the pipeline being gas-free.

Hot tapping and Plugging

In the event of major works on a gas transportation system such as laying branch or connecting lines or installing new groups of valves and fittings, some of the pipelines have to be taken out of operation. This can be avoided by using hot tapping and plugging techniques.

Hot tapping allows new piping to be tied into a system without interrupting the gas supply, while the plugging technique enables repairs or tie-ins to be carried out without shutting down pipelines. This is done by installing plugging devices on either side of the respective pipeline section and connecting both ends with a bypass line. A further benefit is the avoidance of gas losses and methane emissions.


  • Tapping up to DN 1400 and DP 100
  • Plugging up to DN 1200 and DP 100
  • Mobile bypass-lines up to DN 150 and DP 100
  • Specific turn key service
  • Qualified welding technology according DVGW GW 350
  • Certified according ISO 9001
  • Customer-specific solution

Energy Data Management

We bring your data on the way

Network control and monitoring

Safe and efficient network operation relies on proactive control and continuous monitoring of the gas pipeline network.

This requires not only the use of the most up-to-date information, communication and control systems, but also an experienced team keeping a close eye on the network at all times. Equally important is an operations scheduling system to coordinate maintenance activities and contract management so as to ensure smooth 24/7 operation.

Open Grid Europe is your one-stop shop for all processes and services from technical project planning to network control and failure management.

Gas quality reconstruction

With the liberalisation of the gas market, gas supply sources have become more diverse and new types of gas such as biogas are increasingly being used. This has resulted in strongly fluctuating gas qualities at the entry points and consequently throughout pipeline grids.

Knowledge about the quality of the gas is particularly important especially for end users at exit points, e.g. for industrial production purposes.

Open Grid Europe can reconstruct the gas qualities in its pipeline network using a recognized simulation method and thus provide accurate gas property data for custody transfer flow measurement purposes at every point of the grid.

Mobile GPRM stations

We assemble mobile gas metering and pressure regulating stations (M&R stations) according to the customer specifications.

CHARM® – aerial leak tightness control

With CHARM®, Open Grid Europe is providing a novel method for checking natural gas pipeline networks for tightness.

Gas analysis, chemical engineering, analysis of operating materials

Our Gas Quality Competence Centre answers chemical analysis and process engineering questions in all matters connected with the transportation and use of natural gas.

Securing gas transportation – competence in pipeline maintenance

Our services cover the full range of project management services and increase the availability of your pipeline system.

Technical operation of pipelines and plant

Open Grid Europe offers bespoke maintenance of gas transmission systems on the basis of service contracts.

Intelligent corrosion protection

Bespoke solutions for all structures requiring corrosion protection.

Technical plant safety

The installation of new systems, the modification of existing ones and changes to statutory rules and regulations often throw up new safety-related issues.

Purchasing services

The purchasing department provides purchasing services not only for Open Grid Europe GmbH but also for affiliated companies and third parties.

Efficient standards management

Designing, constructing and operating a gas transmission system and guaranteeing the safe, available and efficient transmission of gas require the application of current standards and technical regulations.

Maintenance management

Safety through experience

Integrity and materials technology

Being able to ensure the safe operation and maximum availability of high-pressure gas pipeline and compressor systems requires extensive knowledge about the condition of these system at all times.

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