Gas crisis preparedness

A major task of the natural gas industry is to provide a secure and reliable supply to end consumers. Following the insight gained during the gas shortage in February 2012, the network operators have recognised the need for improved mutual coordination for initiating measures to maintain the security and reliability of the gas supply systems.

One major aspect in this context is the early provision of information on a potential risk to supply security and the establishment of communication processes between the network operators involved in the transport chain from the important points to the exit point to the consumer. This aspect was taken up by the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) and regulated by the development of the action guideline "Gas crisis preparedness" ("Krisenvorsorge Gas") into processes which can be put into practice by the network operators.

The guideline mainly describes process flows and related information obligations as well as communication routes for the coordinated implementation of measures in accordance with Sections 16 and 16a of the German Energy Act (EnWG), in particular between upstream and downstream network levels. The requirements of Section 21 System Responsibility of the Agreement on Cooperation between Operators of Gas Supply Networks located in Germany VII (KoV) are therefore put into concrete terms and are to be implemented between all network levels in accordance with the regulations of the guideline.