Pipeline construction and nature conservation – two sides of the same coin

Nature conservation has a high priority in any pipeline project we undertake. We constantly develop new concepts and ideas that help us minimise, mitigate and compensate the impact of our construction projects on strictly protected flora and fauna.

One of these concepts is species protection on agricultural land. It involves sowing various mixtures of wild plant seeds on large farm fields rather than only on designated wildflower strips, which has been standard practise until now. This provides refuge habitats for ground-breeding bird species such as the skylark. Some of the wild plants can also be used for the production of biomass for biogas plants. Open Grid Europe is thus also making an additional contribution to ecological energy generation.

The Bavarian Association for the Protection of Birds, the German Biogas Association and the Farmland Habitat Network have partnered with Open Grid Europe to develop this concept.

On 17 August 2016, Open Grid Europe presented its species protection concept for agricultural land at a press briefing in Teublitz near Regensburg, Bavaria. The regional TV station Oberpfalz TV was at the presentation and documented the briefing in a short report.