Systematic management of technical codes and standards

Designing, constructing and operating a gas transmission system and guaranteeing the safe, available and efficient transmission of gas require the application of current standards and technical regulations. With its tried-and-tested standards information system, NormA, Open Grid Europe ensures the availability of these documents for its employees in the work place and in the field. Wherever international, European or German standards require further substantiation, Open Grid Europe develops its own work standards and, together with other gas transmission system operators, guidelines to define and provide precise specifications for employees and suppliers.

Standards management at Open Grid Europe encompasses all activities connected with ensuring that all technical codes and standards including in-house standards made available in NormA are up-to-date.

In addition to this internal service, we also make our standards management system and the provision of standards in particular available as a service to our partner companies. This service is based on decades of experience and collaboration with standards and regulatory associations (e.g. ISO, CEN, DIN, DVGW), standards issuers and publishers, IT service providers and industry partners.