Open Grid Europe Mission Statement

Who we are and what we do. Our task

With a pipeline network of around 12,000 kilometres in length, Open Grid Europe is one of Europe’s leading transmission system operators. Our employees provide safe, customer-focused gas transportation throughout Germany as well as from and to neighbouring European countries. Two thirds of the natural gas consumed in Germany flows through our pipeline system.

We derive our specific task from the size, the significance and the potential of our infrastructure. Hence we see our role and everything we do in the context of society as a whole: natural gas, as one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable energy sources and our pipeline transmission system play a major role in the energy transition for the achievement of climate goals. Thanks to cross-border gas transportation, the fostering of innovation and an approach that is tailored entirely to the needs of people, we create added value for society. In Germany and throughout Europe – today and in the future.

How we operate. Our principles

Our name says it all.
“Open Grid Europe” vividly represents what we do: we think openly, acting with an eye on the bigger picture and thus helping to shape Europe. We ensure reliable and safe gas transportation. We overcome boundaries by connecting markets and thus, along with our partners, foster a European internal market. Our goal: cross-border gas transportation throughout Europe – with Open Grid Europe as a hub.

Our ambition is to help shape the future.
We believe in the potential of the gas infrastructure and its significance for achieving climate goals. We therefore drive forward innovations and play an active role in shaping tomorrow's energy world. Through research and development in technology as well as the optimum interplay of infrastructure and services, we boost the efficiency of our network. In doing so, we take on new and additional tasks - particularly as part of the energy transition.

Our actions are for people: customers, neighbours, employees.
Whether it’s a customer or an employee: for us, the person is the main focus of security of supply in every regard. Safety, reliability, affordability and environmental compatibility are the foundations of our actions. We work for a sustainable energy supply that serves everybody!

Our goal is sustainable actions.
With the aim of creating a sustainable future as an efficient company, at Open Grid Europe we strive to continually improve our processes and interfaces to achieve an overall optimum. Taking into consideration opportunities and risks, we take and stand by our decisions, which contribute to our company’s sustainable economic success. This in turn represents the basis for our investments in a reliable and secure supply of energy for the future.

How we deal with one another. Our values

We deal with one another openly and address topics actively and directly. We develop possible courses of action, explain the reasoning behind them and implement them consistently. We give specific feedback and ask for it too.

We value one another, the company and our customers. We deal with one another as reliable partners on an equal footing. We deliberately change our perspective in order to develop a mutual understanding of one another. We act sustainably.

We take the initiative, lead the way and act on a basis of partnership. We are capable of learning, willing to change and we do what we say. We are bound by our statements and each individual takes his or her share of responsibility.

Why we are enthusiastic about what we do. Our conviction

There is one important aspect that helps us with everything we still plan to do at Open Grid Europe, and that is the fact that we stand fully behind what we do. That is what inspires us and gives us strength to grow beyond ourselves: beyond our core business – and beyond borders.