Contract management system (VMS)

The VMS OGE contract management system is available for shippers on Open Grid Europe GmbH's transmission system and for downstream network operators:


Marketing of capacities on the PRISMA European Capacity Platform and the VMS contract management system

The German transmission system operators operate a joint platform for allocating entry and exit capacities in accordance with Section 12 (1) of the Gas Network Access Ordinance of 3 September 2010.

Since 1 August 2011, the firm entry and exit capacities at market area and border crossing points of Open Grid Europe GmbH have been auctioned on this PRISMA European Capacity Platform in a transparent, non-discriminatory procedure; visit the PRISMA European Capacity Platform website for more details.


The contract management system (VMS OGR) is still available to Open Grid Regional GmbH transport customers as an archive system under the following link.