Donations to helpers

Donations to helpers

As part of an official donation handover, Kai Dargel, Managing Director of PLEdoc, a subsidiary of OGE, and Frank Lehmann, Chairman of the Works Council of OGE, presented this year's “last few cents” donation of 11,500 euros to five charitable causes in the Essen area and to an institution in Lower Franconia. All six organisations provide support for people in difficult life situations. Be it the support of children, the counselling of women, the care and support of dementia patients or the help for children and adults in their last phase of life.

“We as OGE want to support organisations that serve people in need with joy and commitment, but depend on donations. They all do great things. I would like to encourage you to continue your support. And I would like to thank our staff who, with their “last few cents”, are helping to support this work," said Kai Dargel during the ceremony.

“The many suggestions as to who should receive a donation of course also come from our co-workers and do not make the decision easy for us. That's why we are all the more pleased to have found six great organisations that take care of people who need help and support. The social commitment of the OGE workforce is admirable. Many volunteers are also involved in social projects after work,” Frank Lehmann added.

This year’s donations were given to

  • Alzheimer Society Hattingen and Sprockhövel
  • Outpatient Children's Hospice Möwennest, Oberhausen
  • Sponsoring Association of the Buchholzer Waldschule, Duisburg
  • Women Help Women Oberhausen (Women's Counselling Centre)
  • Quilt Angels, Haan
  • St. Gregor Day Care, Güntersleben

The ‘last few cents’ campaign at Open Grid Europe has been around for almost ten years. About half of the company’s workforce take part in the scheme and donate the cent amounts on their monthly payslips to charitable causes. These amounts are collected over the year and then supplemented by an additional  amount from the company. Over the last five years some 50,000 euros were donated. The funds are used to support the work of numerous non-profit and charitable organisations. The donations allow a broad social commitment.