Maintenance management – safety through experience

Since 1997, the Maintenance Management Centre (MMC) has been operating dark fibre networks throughout Germany both as a full service provider and for the provision of defined maintenance works on behalf of regional German and Europe-wide network operators.

With a service desk available 24/7 all year long and a nationwide maintenance organisation for outside and inside plant management, we ensure the quality and availability of your networks. From planning, construction and operations management services through geographical and technical documentation to installation and maintenance, we offer you all necessary services from a single source.

All processes and supporting IT infrastructure for the operation, expansion and administration of the cable systems and system equipment sites are managed from a central location and make a significant contribution to the safety  of the instalations managed.

Consistent with the high standards you would expect of a gas transmission company, the MMC is well versed in all phases of the life cycle of a cable network.