Gas quality reconstruction

With the liberalisation of the gas market, gas supply sources have become more diverse and new types of gas such as biogas are increasingly being used. This has resulted in strongly fluctuating gas qualities at the entry points and consequently throughout pipeline grids.

Knowledge about the quality of the gas is particularly important especially for end users at exit points, e.g. for industrial production purposes.

Open Grid Europe can reconstruct the gas qualities in its pipeline network using a recognized simulation method and thus provide accurate gas property data for custody transfer flow measurement purposes at every point of the grid.

Background information

Gas quality reconstruction is the extension of gas network simulation focusing on tracking gas composition over time. The REKO system operated by Open Grid Europe calculates parameters such as gross calorific value, density at standard conditions, CO2 and another 10 parameters to determine the compressibility figure (K value).

Due to the cyclical calculation (one per hour) of the grid condition, information about gas quality composition is already available on the same day, making it possible in ideal cases to carry out process adjustments at the end users.

The REKO system has been approved by the Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology (PTB) and its operation is continually monitored by the verification authority of North Rhine-Westphalia. As a result daily mean values are calculated which form the basis of the technical quantity determination.

The simulation system operated by Open Grid Europe is based on the “Simone” simulation kernel and is fully integrated into Open Grid Europe´s dispatching system. The application is thus available 24/7. The data is kept available for a period of up to 2 years for the respective exit points. In a further extension the tracking of H2 is also possible.

What we offer:

  • Advice on the procurement of gas quality reconstruction systems
  • Provision of process data at the Open Grid Europe network as monthly, daily or hourly values
  • Calculation of gas quality values using a recognised reconstruction system (REKO)
  • Preparation of 11-component analyses
  • Calculation of the CO2 emission factor in accordance with DVGW G 693
  • Provision of gas quality data on the basis of communication interfaces customary in the industry


How you benefit:

  • Alternative to costly measurements
  • Basis for the conditioning of biogas
  • Basis for the injection of H2
  • Compliance with statutory emission trading requirements
  • Use of gas quality data for industrial production purposes