Purchasing services by Open Grid Europe

The purchasing department provides purchasing services not only for Open Grid Europe GmbH but also for affiliated companies and third parties.

The purchasing department is the service provider for the procurement of goods and services and any related issues in purchasing and logistics. Whether procurement of plant and equipment, construction services, pipeline technology, general services, consumables or engineering services, electrical, measuring and control technology, electricity for internal consumption, IT projects, consulting services, R & D projects, or anything else – at Open Grid Europe you will always find the right contact.

The services of the purchasing department include the following:

  • Procurement market research / market observation
  • Identification / coordination of bidder lists
  • Preparation and mailing of enquiries
  • Definition of the criteria for the evaluation of tenders in cooperation with the consumer
  • Clarification of enquiry calls of the suppliers as part of the tendering process – the purchasing department serves as the interface between consumers and suppliers
  • Commercial bid evaluation
  • Preparation of bid comparisons
  • Preparation, coordination and performance of contract negotiations
  • Preparation of award recommendations
  • Contract preparation, order placement and documentation
  • Monitoring of deadlines for materials
  • Clarification of defaults in the performance of contracts – Claims Management
  • Examination and assertion of warranty claims
  • Supplier relationship management (SRM)

In addition, the purchasing department offers logistics services to internal and external customers. This also includes holding available emergency materials specific for the gas business.
A dedicated support team assists customers with any IT issues relating to the procurement-specific software products.