Natural gas info truck

Natural gas info truck for the market area conversion

The transition from L-gas to H-gas is a logistical challenge for the entire industry. A wide array of companies, ranging from gas transmission system operators to municipal utilities and heating system installation and service specialists are involved in this complex process. And citizens too have questions about the upcoming conversion. To proactively address these questions, Open Grid Europe has developed a natural gas info truck which can be deployed on market squares, in pedestrian zones and outside shopping centres. From spring 2018, Open Grid Europe will make this natural gas fuelled vehicle available to its customers for their information events. As an alternative to the usual communication routes including e-mail, telephone and the Internet, the info truck provides an opportunity to make personal contact with customers. It facilitates communication and makes the L/H-gas conversion more tangible for the people affected. “If you want to be heard, you have to get your information out to the customers. This also and specifically applies to the market area conversion, and the natural gas info truck can be an important tool here,” says Dr Timm Kehler, the chairman of Zukunft Erdgas e.V.

Greater proximity to customers

The info truck provides a practical opportunity to share company-specific information on the L/H-gas changeover process through direct exchange with the customers. Background information about the need for the market area conversion as well as general questions can be addressed here in a personal dialogue. The truck can also be used to arrange or change appointments for the appliance survey, the adjustments to be made as well as quality assurance work. It features all the technical equipment needed to explain what will happen during the conversion process, thereby helping customers to understand the need for the technical changes to be made.

Using the conversion as a sales opportunity

The natural gas info truck also offers an attractive opportunity for gas suppliers, particularly local gas distribution companies, because when it comes to grid questions, even after unbundling, it is still the utility rather than the grid operator that is perceived by end users as the business partner. Sales organisations can use the natural gas info truck to provide advice to customers and offer bespoke supply contracts and even contracting arrangements for natural gas installations. The natural gas info truck also offers information about the efficiency initiative which is part of the market area conversion programme. For more information go to