Internal order capacity data

Transmission system network operators are obligated to publish by 15 November each year the capacity data on internal orders placed by network operators located directly downstream of network operators with entry-exit systems as set out in Sec. 11 (9) of the Cooperation Agreement (CoA). In accordance with Sec. 11 (2) CoA, such capacity data will be made available per network connection point or exit zone on our website specifying the names of the relevant downstream network operators.

As set out in the CoA, the data will be published on the basis of the information status of the ongoing order procedure and the information communicated by the relevant downstream network operators. An intra-year capacity adjustment during the ongoing order year pursuant to Sec. 15 CoA does not involve updating of the information published.

Gas crisis preparedness

A major task of the natural gas industry is to provide a secure and reliable supply to end consumers.

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