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Open Grid Europe is a top employer in Germany – again in 2019!

We train people

For more than 75 years we have been investing in young people’s futures. Having started out back in 1939 with two shopfitters and four apprentices in Essen and Dorsten, Open Grid Europe GmbH can look back on a long tradition of training. Over more than 75 years the door to the apprentices’ workshop has not once been closed even as times have changed. With one eye on technological progress, Open Grid Europe sets its focus on qualified apprenticeships with professional trainers and modern machines and tools – and that applies not only in the area of Essen, but now throughout Germany! The apprentices’ workshop and permanent sites provide the facilities for this, alongside the company’s own laboratory: this is where the laboratory chemists train.

However, Open Grid Europe doesn’t just stand out for its technical-industrial training. The area of administration is likewise represented: having begun many years ago, the commercially-focused apprenticeship is built on 50 years of tradition. In their deployments in various different areas of the company, the future industrial administrators delve into the company’s workings, becoming familiar with materials management, HR, procurement and numerous other areas. This variety enables us to identify an apprentice’s talent for accounting or controlling, and thus they can develop a direction for their subsequent professional orientation even during the training period.

Detailed information about the individual apprenticeships can be found via the links below.

Alongside the professional development of the “experts of tomorrow”, Open Grid Europe also organises joint activities to ensure the necessary social cohesion among apprentices – regardless of their areas of work. Open Grid Europe offers you the ideal basis for your later professional life, and develops not only your technical, but also your social skills.

During the course of the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of our apprentices’ workshop in September 2014, our Managing Director Wolfgang Anthes emphasised that “our company will always have space for a training establishment as that is where we get the new talent we need for our future work.”

Open Grid Europe offers its apprentices a broad range of possibilities for further training and personal development:

  • Intensive support during the apprenticeship
  • Possibility of gaining a double qualification by doing an apprenticeship and a degree course at the same time
  • Exciting induction week together with all other new apprentices, as well as a meet-up day before the apprenticeship and various seminars during the apprenticeship period
  • Reduced-cost use of a fitness studio close to the Essen sites
  • Lunch in the company's own canteen at the Essen sites with menus that change daily
  • Attractive additional benefits
  • Joint activities with colleagues, such as team events, company runs, parties and much more

Every year we look for young, ambitious people with notable team spirit, the ability to work individually in a focused way, reliability and an enjoyment of dealing with other people. Could you be one of them?

Tips for applicants (apprenticeships)

First impressions count. That applies not only the first time you meet someone in person, but actually begins as soon as you submit your documents.

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Girls' Day

Industrial mechanic, electronics technician or laboratory chemist - all apprenticeships with a future, which have thus far not featured in the top ten professions chosen by girls.

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